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I learned to cross stitch when I was in Primary School in the Philippines.  I'm not exactly sure where I picked it up--though I'm pretty certain that it had to have been in school because my mom isn't a crafty person at all and I kind of remember having to hand in little samplers as assignments.  I didn't stick with it, though and I don't particularly understand why I decided to pick it up again.  I just saw some cross stitched Doctor Who stuff online and thought '"Hey~ cool!!!  I want some Doctor Who cross stitch for my walls too!"  Because come on!  Who wouldn't??? 

Since Spotlight (an Aussie chain craft store) was having a 20% off sale for all their stock I thought might as well, and perhaps went a bit overboard in my enthusiasm to start on my new hobby.  I ended up buying a DMC kit (a pair of little birds on a branch), 2 packs of linen fabric, 1 pack of 18 count Aida, a metre of 18 count Aida (I don't know why.  This was an impulse buy), 7 colours of floss for my next project once I finish the kit, and an embroidery hoop that I ended up snapping because I didn't know how to put it on!

This is my progress on the bird kit so far:


These are meant to be two birds.  This is the first one on the left, and I haven''t done any back stitching yet.

My stitches are not as even as they could be, but I read some tips on a Ravelry cross stitch comm that this may be remedied by wetting the floss just a little before stitching, and I plan on buying a sturdier hoop to use. 

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