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It's summer holidays here in Australia again. With the nice, long break from school, I'm going to try and get 80,000 words of my novel down. I'm thinking that that word count should be sufficient for my YA novel!

Hopefully, I'll actually stick to this plan even when I'm already in the Philippines for my holiday. I tend to get distracted by the malls whenever I'm there...
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I remember having heaps of little unfinished cross stitch projects as a pre-teen.  The only ones that I did end up sticking with were the ones that I had to hand in for school projects, so I'm very proud of this one!

It's amazing how much a little back stitching for outlining can change your work!  I took pictures of my project throughout the process of making it and they can be found here.  I love seeing the image materializing slowly with each stitch!  Now I have to decide what to actually do with this.  Frame it?

Because the kit was so small, I assumed that the pattern would be easy, and it wasn't until I'd finished the bird on the left hand side that I noticed the writing on the package that this set was for intermediate  stitchers.  Lol.  That explained why there were things I'd never done before, like french knots for the little bird eyes, and why there were so many colour stitches that were a total pain.  So I'm very glad that this is finished and I'm ready to move on to my knitting and to the sepia cross stitch!

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I learned to cross stitch when I was in Primary School in the Philippines.  I'm not exactly sure where I picked it up--though I'm pretty certain that it had to have been in school because my mom isn't a crafty person at all and I kind of remember having to hand in little samplers as assignments.  I didn't stick with it, though and I don't particularly understand why I decided to pick it up again.  I just saw some cross stitched Doctor Who stuff online and thought '"Hey~ cool!!!  I want some Doctor Who cross stitch for my walls too!"  Because come on!  Who wouldn't??? 

Since Spotlight (an Aussie chain craft store) was having a 20% off sale for all their stock I thought might as well, and perhaps went a bit overboard in my enthusiasm to start on my new hobby.  I ended up buying a DMC kit (a pair of little birds on a branch), 2 packs of linen fabric, 1 pack of 18 count Aida, a metre of 18 count Aida (I don't know why.  This was an impulse buy), 7 colours of floss for my next project once I finish the kit, and an embroidery hoop that I ended up snapping because I didn't know how to put it on!

This is my progress on the bird kit so far:


These are meant to be two birds.  This is the first one on the left, and I haven''t done any back stitching yet.

My stitches are not as even as they could be, but I read some tips on a Ravelry cross stitch comm that this may be remedied by wetting the floss just a little before stitching, and I plan on buying a sturdier hoop to use. 

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